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File:Akra.pngFile:Akra2.pngFile:Astonishia Story-Wordmark.png
File:Astonishia Story (2005) Ending PSPFile:Astonishia Story Korean Coverart for PSP.jpgFile:Astonishia Story Opening HD
File:Astonishia Story USA Coverart.jpgFile:Astonishia Story promotional artwork 1.jpgFile:Axe.png
File:Bastard Sword.pngFile:Communitylogo.pngFile:Crossbow.png
File:Dagger.pngFile:Double Axe.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Finger of Sedna.pngFile:Fulgur.pngFile:Galangan.png
File:Garolin Sword.pngFile:Great Axe.pngFile:Great Sword.png
File:Hataik.pngFile:Hella Ghetto Axe.pngFile:Hella Ghetto Bow.png
File:Hella Ghetto Dagger.pngFile:Horace.pngFile:Iron Dagger.png
File:Lezail.pngFile:Lloyd.pngFile:Lloyd Armor sprite.png
File:Lloyd Von Royental.jpgFile:Lloyd plain clothes sprite.pngFile:Long Sword.png
File:Manitou.pngFile:Night Breaker.pngFile:Obsidian Bow.png
File:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Back to Keric ColonyFile:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Everybody DeadFile:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Mt. Bluedeep Cave
File:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Mt. Bluedeep Cave FailFile:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Perdor Cave to Renzas VillageFile:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Piracy Guy
File:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Renzas VillageFile:PSP Astonishia Story ~ The Warez FairyFile:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Trumman
File:PSP Astonishia Story ~ Weststone & Bluedeep InnFile:Rayfear.pngFile:Rendalf.png
File:Rod.pngFile:Rudoug.pngFile:Short Sword.png
File:Soldier.pngFile:Staff.pngFile:Stone Cutter.png
File:Two-Handed Sword.pngFile:Unknown Staff 1.pngFile:Unknown Staff 2.png
File:Unknown Sword.pngFile:Vichrec.pngFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wooden Bow.pngFile:Ylenne.png
File:Ylenne Full.jpg

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