Plateau WoodsEdit

Plateau ForestEdit


Bluedeep InnEdit

Bluedeep MountainEdit

Bluedeep Mountain CaveEdit

Keric ColonyEdit

Perdor CaveEdit

Renzas VillageEdit

Covolt Moore WoodEdit

Mage AcademyEdit

Midaira TownEdit

Name Location
Klaff Chief Klaff's House
Hataik Chief Klaff's House
Majordomo Chief Klaff's House
Guard on Duty Entrance to Town

Name Location
Weapon Merchant Weapon Shop
Item Merchant Item Shop
Innkeeper Inn
Bartender Bar

Name Location
Alisa Alisa's House
George Bar
Harry Harry's House
James Weapon Shop
Jerry near Alisa's House
Jones Bar
Ailing Man Ailing Man's House
x3 Dancers Bar
Grandeur Boy Outside
Handsome Middle-Aged Woman Outside Chief Klaff's House
Hard Working Woman House near Plaza
Housewife Outside
Kid Midaira Town Plaza
Old Man near Alisa's House
Passerby Outside
Suyerang Sister Bar
Working Woman House near Plaza
Young Abur Man Weapon Shop
Young Abur Woman Outside
Young Abur Woman House near Plaza
Young Man Bar
Young Man Bar

Saurabi ShrineEdit

Daria VillageEdit

Mt. Dacalph CaveEdit

The Sanctuary of the Magic CrestEdit

Mt. Ssleithurm CatacombsEdit

Midaira Town BanquetEdit

Teftin CaveEdit

Shunai DesertEdit

Shunai Desert ForestEdit

Port BermireEdit

Hakshiman IslandEdit

Hakshiman Island ForestEdit

Hakshiman Island - MainEdit

Purplonin CaveEdit

Steeler TownEdit

Halken VillageEdit

Barren Land ForestEdit

Fort GanbergEdit

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